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Pool Stain Prevention

Brock’s Commercial Grade Pool Stain Preventer prevents iron, copper, and manganese stains and calcium scale removing stubborn surface stains and scale when used directly. It is an extremely concentrated blend of dispersive and bonding agents and functions by bonding the contaminants and transferring them to the filter system for backwash removal.

Should be used regularly to prevent pool surface staining and scaling to help maintain maximum heater and filter efficiency. Recommended especially for new pools while filling with water and as an effective winterizer. 1/2 gallon treats 40,000 gallons of water.


7192B Brock’s Stain Preventer (Bottle)

Sales price: $37.00

Product details


7192C Brock’s Stain Preventer (Case - 6 Bottles)

Sales price: $192.00

Product details

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