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Pool Filter Cleaner

Brock's pool filter cleaner will help keep your pool equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Weekly maintenance and cleaning with these chemical agents will prevent mineral build-up in your pool filters and equipment.

Brock’s Commercial Grade Filter Cleaner optimizes the performance of sand, cartridge, and D.E. filters. Brock’s Filter Cleaner quickly removes scum, oils, minerals, and scale, improving water clarity through its deep cleaning, soaking action. Easy to use, no scrubbing. Our specialized formula works fast, reducing down time. Brock’s Filter Cleaner works with all pool sanitizing systems. 1qt per 10sq ft of filter area.


7193B Brock’s Filter Cleaner (Bottle)

Sales price: $42.00

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7193C Brock’s Filter Cleaner (Case - 4 Bottles)

Sales price: $154.00

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