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Pool Clarifiers

Clear, sparkling pool water is a joy to look at. A cloudy swimming pool loses its beauty and becomes uninviting for swimmers. Cloudy swimming pool water can result from one of several factors:

  • the pH is too high;
  • the total alkalinity level is too high;
  • the stabilizer level is too high;
  • the chlorine level is too low;
  • the calcium hardness level is too high;
  • the level of total dissolved solids is too high;
  • there are high levels of metals (discolored pool water);
  • there is a lot of pool algae growth;
  • the filter needs cleaning or servicing;
  • there is a large quantity of microscopic particles in the pool water.

By testing and correcting the above, the cloudy pool water problem should disappear.


7189B Brock’s Super Pool Clarifier (Bottle)

Sales price: $25.00

Product details


7190C Brock’s Natural Pool Fresh (Case - 4 Bottles)

Sales price: $149.00

Product details


7190B Brock’s Natural Pool Fresh (Bottle)

Sales price: $41.00

Product details

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