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Algae Control

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Algae is a plant that turns sunlight and carbon dioxide into food and provides nutrients for bacteria which then multiply rapidly (and may cause illness). When there is algae, the chlorine is used up rapidly trying to combat its growth. This process has a tendency to raise the pH, thus decreasing the efficiency of the remaining free chlorine.   Unchecked algae growth can turn the swimming pool cloudy or makes the pool water green and results in foul odors and tastes. Black algae, which is more difficult to control than green or blue-green algae, can also stain the swimming pool's walls and floor.

  • Brock's Phosphate Remover:  Ideal for Maintenance Use
  • Brock's Algae Out:  Ideal for Killing Algae in Pools and Fountains
  • Brock's Algaecide:  Ideal for use in spas and jacuzzis or other hot / warm bodies of water


7191B Brock’s Phosphate Remover (Bottle)

Sales price: $62.00

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7195B Brock’s Wide- Spectrum Algaecide (Bottle)

Sales price: $71.00

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7194B Brock’s Algae-Out (bottle)

Sales price: $59.00

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7191C Brock’s Phosphate Remover (Case - 4 Bottles)

Sales price: $270.00

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7195C Brock’s Wide- Spectrum Algaecide (Case - 4 Bottles)

Sales price: $264.00

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7194C Brock’s Algae-Out (case - 4 Bottle)

Sales price: $220.00

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