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Pool Chemicals and Enzymes

Pool Chemicals & Enzymes

Could BROCK save you 80% of your Chemical Usage?

We don't just sell chemicals, we sell results. A short consultation with one of our experts can help you help define exactly what and how much product you should be using. With simple test and flow control processes, many customers have been able to reduce their usage to only 1/5 of what they used before. We can also save you time turning up to 20 hours a week of maintenance down to only 2 or 3 hours. With our support, you will time and money while exposing bathers to fewer chemicals, reducing storage, shipping and other related costs.


Pool Algae Control

Pool Balancers

Calcium for Pools

Pool Clarifiers

Pool Filter Cleaners

Pool Filter Media

Pool Chemical Neutralizers

Pool Stain Prevention

Shock & Swim

Chlorine & Bromine

Pool Salt

Pool Conditioner



Know Your Chemicals:

When using any chemical products, read labels carefully and follow directions precisely. Chemicals protect you when they are used correctly in your pool or spa but may be hazardous if mixed or spilled. Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Only responsible adults should handle pool chemicals. Keep out of reach of children.
  • For products requiring measuring, use a clean, dry, plastic scoop (or scoop provided in container). Do not interchange scoop or place wet scoop in container of chlorinating product.
  • Use exact quantities specified, not more. Chemicals need to circulate for hours before retesting.
  • Never mix chemicals together. Add products separately and slowly.
  • Never add water to chemicals. Add chemicals to water.
  • Handle all chemicals, liquid or dry, with care. Store products in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.
  • Always keep chemical containers closed when not in use. Replace cap on proper container.
  • Don’t inhale fumes or let chemicals come into contact with eyes, nose or mouth.
  • In case of contact or if chemical is swallowed, follow emergency advice on product label or call doctor or local Poison Control Center.
  • Don’t allow chemicals to stand on concrete or wood decks. Clean up any spillage carefully and dispose of in a safe manner - we recommend washing into pool.
  • Don’t smoke around chemicals.
  • Many chemicals such as chlorinating products are corrosive and should not be stored near metal products like bicycles, lawn mowers, cars, etc.


You have Problems, Brock has Solutions

For best results solving issues with your pool, contact one of our pool professionals for a free consultation.

Black / Green Spots
Black Algae Use Brock’s “Algae Out” with Brock’s “Shock & Swim” and brush spots daily until they are gone
Yellow / Orange Spots Mustard Algae  Use Brock’s “Wide-Spectrum Algaecide”

Too much Iron in the water Use Brock’s Stain Preventer and maintain proper pH balance
Rust-Colored Stains Green Algae Use Brock’s “Algae Out” and Brock’s “Wide-Spectrum Algaecide” to maintain the pool

Copper or Iron Dissolved in Water Use Brock’s Stain Preventer and maintain proper pH balance.
Cloudy Green Water Corrosion of metal pool hardware due to low pH Use Brock’s Stain Preventer and adjust pH
Iron or manganese dissolved in water Use Brock’s Stain Preventer. Check pH
High pH & total alkalinity Use Brock’s pH Minus (previous page)

Algae growth due to low chlorine. Use Brock’s Algae Out
Clear Green Water Dissolved copper or Iron in fill water Use Brock’s Stain Preventer to prevent minerals from oxidizing and causing stains.
Corrosion of copper/metal pool fixtures and pipes. Treat with Brock’s Stain Preventer, check water balance.
 Very high pH & total alkalinity Use Brock’s pH Minus (previous page)
Cloudy Water Filter not removing small particles Use Brock’s Super Pool Clarifier.
Free chlorine residual too low Shock treat with Brock’s Algae Out and add chlorine.
Inadequate filtration Use Brock’s Filter Cleaner to improve filtration.
Rainfall Shock treat with Brock’s Shock & Swim (previous page)

High pH or total alkalinity Use Brock’s pH Minus (previous page)
Calcium Scale Deposits Hard water Use  Brock’s Stain Preventer weekly.

High pH, total alkalinity, or calcium hardness Use Brock’s pH Minus (previous page)
Skin / Eye Irritation Combined chlorine level is too high Shock treat with Brock’s Shock & Swim (previous page) to destroy organic contaminants

pH is too low or too high Use Brock’s pH Minus or pH Plus (previous page)
Chlorine Odor
Combined chlorine level is too high Shock treat with Brock’s Shock & Swim (previous page)
Scum along  water line Body grease and oils. Use Brock’s Natural Pool Fresh
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