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AC Powered Portable Pump Filters


Portable Filter Vacuums

Brock's Selection of AC Powered Manual Pool Vacuums are ideal solutions for manual vacuuming and filtering of Pools and fountains with a range of cartridge filters or filtration bags.

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WildCat E Series
PAL Portable Lift

Made from stainless steel and incorporating durable pumps, these vacuums are some of the most dependable on the market today. Features a stainless steel filter tank and 2-inch quick connect couplings for attaching hoses to the unit. All wildcat vacuuming systems are set up to use 2” Vacuum hose and vacuum heads. Order hoses and vacuum heads separately to complete your complete vacuum system.

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MaxiSweep Series
Patriot Portable Pool Lift

The MaxiSweep filters out debris and dirty water through its set of 3 filter cartridges, returning clean water to the pool. Many facilities are utilizing these systems as standby filtration in the event of mechanical breakdown or if extremely heavy bather load causing turbid water. This is a complete vacuum system that is easy to start, prime, and use. one that is strong enough to withstand day to day employee use. Pricing includes 2 12ft x 23 telescopic poles, 2" x 50' suction hose and your choice of 30", 36" or 42" vacuum head.

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UltraVac Series
UltraVac Pool Pump / Filter

The Waterco UltraVac cart comes with a 100 square foot cartridge filter and a 3/4 HP pump, suitable for cleaning any size pool. The UltraVac can operate in two different modes; Filtration Mode: recirculating the water through the filter; or Waste Mode: to bypass the filter and discharge water and not return it to the pool. Welded from strong structural steel tubing and powder coated for protection the molbile portion of this revolutionary cleaning solution is capable of lasting many years in a rough environment. Uses 1.5” Hose”.

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Robotic Pool Vacuum Systems

Browse our industry-leading selection of Automated Pool Cleaners with more than 3 dozen products to choose from.  Our robotic pool vacuums use on-board programming to scan, crawl and methodically clean your pools in the most efficient way possible.

AC-Powered Portable Filter Vacuums

We offer a wide range of these AC-Powered Cannister Vacuum Systems that draw  dirty water through their internal filters and output clean water through their discharge hoses.  These are also great for temporary replacement of your standard pool pumps.

Gas-Powered Portable Filter Vacuums

Brock's Selection of Gas-Powered Canister Vacuums can act as portable pump and filtration systems for pools of all sizes. These stainless steel canister vacuum systems are some of the most dependable on the market today.

Battery Powered Vacuums

Our batter-powered Manual Pool Vacuums are rugged and reliable pool vacuum systems designed for the pool cleaning professional.  Available as stand-alone units, with caddy carts or as trailer hitch-mounted pool vacuum systems.

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