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Brock Leasing Program

Brock Enterprises has formed a partnership with Marlin Leasing to provide leasing services to our customers. Marlin Leasing is an established leasing corporation with over 70,000 customers. Marlin Leasing provides a variety of leasing plans designed to meet most customer's needs.

The Benefits of Leasing

Why Lease Commercial Pool Equipment?

  • Requires less money up front
  • Permits soft cost financing
  • Preserves bank credit lines
  • Offers flexible payment options
  • Allows upgrades and add-ons quickly and easily
  • Protects against technological obsolescence
  • Minimizes balance sheet liabilities

Marlin Leasing QuickFacts

  • Incorporated: 1997
  • Customers: Over 70,000
  • Employees: Over 200
  • National Locations: Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL and Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Endorsed by over 40 National Programs and over 10,000 dealers
  • Belongs to over 20 different trade associations
  • Industry Milestones: Monitor 100 for 2002 - in assets ranked 79; in volume ranked 68; INC 500 for 2003 ranked number 75; Marlin Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ: MRLN), parent of Marlin Leasing Corp., IPO issued November 2003.

For additional information, please visit the Marlin Leasing website.

Leasing Programs | Leasing Plans For Your Business Equipment Needs

Brock Enterprises, through Marlin Leasing Corporation, offers a variety of standard lease plans. In addition, we offer specialized programs such as seasonal, deferred and zero down leases. For additional information on these plans, please click here. Customized plans are also available - please contact us to learn more.

The following standard plans are available:

Fair Market Value - This plan offers the most options both during and at the end of the lease term for those worried about obsolescence or wanting a small security deposit and a relatively low monthly payment. At the end of the lease term, the lessee has three options: extend the term of the lease, return the equipment, or buy it at its fair market value. Marlin also offers financing for those wishing to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term. A True Lease allows the most cost to be deferred to the end of the lease when a decision to retain or upgrade the equipment can be made.

10% Security Deposit - Because this program offers the lowest monthly payment, it is especially attractive to those who can afford to pay a 10% security deposit of the lease amount. End-of-lease options still apply. Use the deposit as the buy out at the end of the lease, to extend the lease, or return the equipment for the refunded deposit.

10% Purchase Option - This plan offers the customer a fixed purchase option at the end of the lease term. Upon final payment, the customer can continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment, or buy it at 10% of the original equipment cost.


$1.00 Buy Out - For those who are fairly certain they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term, this is the recommended plan. Once the lease term expires, the equipment is simply purchased for $1.00.


Brock Enterprises, through Marlin Leasing Corporation, offers the following custom lease plans:

  • STEP-UP LEASE - This program works well for businesses (greater than 2 years) that would like their payments to grow as their business grows. The payments start out lower and slowly increase with the growth of the business and the term chosen.
  • STEP-DOWN LEASE - This program is available for businesses needing higher payments up front and lower payments later in their lease (e.g., government contracts).
  • SEASONAL LEASE - This program works well for businesses with seasonal clientele (i.e., seashore/boardwalk establishments, ice cream shop, construction, landscaping, ski shop, etc.) Regular payments are made during the customer's most profitable period and lower payment are made during their "off" season.
  • SKIP PAYMENT LEASE - Similar to the Seasonal Lease, this program allows the customer to make payments during certain periods of the year based on cash flow.
  • 30/60/90 DAY DEFERRED LEASE - Customer can take possession of the equipment today and defer their payments for up to 90 days. One payment is collected in advance as a security deposit. If preferred, we can structure the lease with no payments in advance.

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