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Pool Bar Bells

Pool Bar Bells from Brock contain 2 round foam floats connected by a padded handle that looks like just like free weights used on land.  Our Pool Bar Bells are designed for use during independent aquatic exercise programs or in group programs.  The foam floats provide buoyancy as the Hand Bars are moved under the water, enhancing upper body strength and range of motion.


0764 Hand Bars - Small 12 inch pair/1.5 wide foam

Sales price: $24.00

Product details


5037 Hand Bars - Medium 12 inch pair/2.5 inch wide foam

Sales price: $35.89

Product details


5038 Hand Bars - Large 12 inch pair/3.75 inch wide foam

Sales price: $30.85

Product details


0149 Swim Bar - 30 inch Single

Sales price: $27.00

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