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Large Area Grating

Our large area grating is custom made to specifications. Based on its robust design for heavy duty applications, our field fabricated grates have been independently tested to be in compliance with ASME 112.19.8a-2008. High impact PVC ensures these grates are durable enough to provide ten years of service. Available in two designs,LAG 375-375 and LAG 1125-375, the grates provide 40% and 29% open surface respectively. Our large area grates are built to order of any shape and size. The surface area is textured to meet ASTM C-1028 Static Coefficient of Friction, wet and dry. Brock’s large area grating systems can be engineered perfectly to fit those difficult vanishing edge catch basin designs, straight or radius. UV inhibitors are added to all products to extend service life. All grates are offered in a choice of colors: white, gray, blue, sand, almond and black.  Fastens via 1/4” - 20 x 3 1/2” 316 stainless steel screw  into 1/4” - 20 stainless steel drop in anchor.  BACKED BY A 10 YEAR WARRANTY!


6929 Regular Flow (29% Open / Up to 4x4 ft square), cost per sq foot

Sales price: $42.80

Product details


6928 High Flow (40% Open / up to 4x4 sq ft), price per sq ft

Sales price: $44.48

Product details


6927 Regular Flow (29% Open / up to 6x6 sq ft), priced sq ft

Sales price: $68.33

Product details


6926 High Flow (50% Open / up to 6x6 sq ft), price by sq ft.

Sales price: $83.10

Product details

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