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Water Polo Goals

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Brock's water polo goals are the ideal choice for competitive water polo at regional, local level or International events (the Odyssy Series was introduced at the Sydney Olympics). Our products offer everything you need in a goal: economy, versatility and style. Each goal is made of top quality materials with all the metal manufactured of durable white powder-coated aluminum, or stainless steel. The floatation panels are hand-laid fiberglass, and the net is of tough polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection.

The Odyssey Water Polo Goal by
Anti-Wave (2000 Sydney Olympics

The Club Water Polo Goal
by Anti-Wave 1

The Senior Flip Float
Water Polo Goal

The Junior Flippa
Water Polo Goal

The Universal Water Polo Goal
Deck Anchored

Mikasa Water Polo Ball


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