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Pool Lift - for Spas

Spa Lifts

for handicap access to pools and spas


NEWLY REVISED ADA REGULATIONS! On July 23, 2010 - Attorney General Eric Holder signed final regulations revising the Justice Department's ADA regulations. The new revisions will require pools, wave pools, lazy rivers, kiddie pools and spas to have accessible means of entry/exit for people with disabilities.



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PAL - Spa Option

PAL Portable Lift

A portable lift that contains >700 hundred pounds of counter weight to support a lifting capacity of 300 lbs. Its padded handle and ball bearing casters make PAL easy to move, allowing one unit to service multiple pools

• Arm Rest Kit
• Spineboard Attachment Kit
• Spare 24V Battery & Charger
• Protective All Weather Cover
• Stability Vest
• Seat Belt Assembly

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Splash Spa Lift

Aquatic Access II Lift

Anchored removable for winter storage with a 360° rotation. Components are made from corrosion-resistant materials and seat of the lift was specifically designed to provide comfort and ease of transfer.

• Battery Powered
• Anchored Models
• 281lb Capacity
• 48” Wall Height / 18” Width


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Summit 500BP

Aquatic Access II Lift

The Summit 500BP lift is an ADA compliant lift designed for therapy and above-ground spas. This lift is capable of traveling over a wall height of 64” and a maximum wall width of 24”. Pricing includes seat belt, footrest, and armrests. Order anchor separately.

• Battery Powered
• Anchored Models
• 500lb Capacity
• 64” Wall Height / 24” Wall Width

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Pro Spa 40 Lift

Aquatic Access II Lift

Designed to provide access to above ground pools and spas. The Pro Spa 40 Lift™ gives the freedom to those who want to relax in a spa or hot tub without needing any assistance. For ADA Compliant for spa walls up to 37" high and 400 lb (181 kg) weight capacity.

• Battery Powered
• Anchored Models
• 400lb Capacity
• 40” Wall Height / 14” Wall Width

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